Magnet Party Favors

by AEA on May 15, 2010

Make your own Party Favors

     Use your own computer to make fun magnet party favors for your guests. You can buy magnet paper from Wal-Mart or other office supply stores. This paper can be used with your printer. All you will need to do is design your magnet on your computer and print out a page full of that design. You might want to print a quick black and white copy first, to make sure everything looks good.

     When you have a page printed, you will need to cover it up with a laminate sheet. I buy my laminate sheets at Wal-Mart; they are just a little bit bigger than your magnet sheets, which is perfect. The laminate sheets can be tricky to put on, so apply them slowly and carefully starting at the bottom of your paper.

    Now it is time to cut out your magnets. A small paper cutter (also know as rotary trimmer) works great; they are cheap and help make sure your cuts are even and straight. If you don’t have a paper cutter, the next best thing is an exacto knife and straight edge.

     You can hand out your magnets by themselves or add them in a thank you note. Many people like their guests to know that they are appreciative of their love, support and presence.

Good Luck.

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