How to make a Balloon Cloud

by AEA on February 2, 2010

Party Decorations – Making Balloon Clouds

    Balloon clouds are typically seen at wedding receptions or other special events. The best thing about them is that you don’t need helium, which will save you money and you won’t have to worry about them falling during your event. Here are some simple instructions on how to put a balloon cloud together:

1. Gather everything you will need:

  • Balloons
  • Clear String (clear fishing wire works well)
  • Air Pump
  • Ribbons (optional)

2. Blow up 4 balloons until they reach around seven inches around, making sure that all the balloons are the same size. If you are making multiple clouds you might want to make a template for the balloons, to help make sure they are the same size. To do this, you will need to make a 7 inch hole in a piece of poster board or cardboard. Then blow up your balloon inside the hole until the balloon fills the hole. After you have blown up your balloons, tie them together into pairs of two.

3. Tie your string to the ceiling or somewhere else that is sturdy. Now you can start attaching your top layer of balloons. Take your 7 inch balloon pairs and twist them together around the string.

4. Blow up eight 12 inch balloons and tie them together into pairs of two. Then under your 7 inch balloons twist together two pairs of your 12 inch balloons, followed by your last pairs of balloons. As you complete each layer make sure they are pushed tight against the layer above it.

5. The last balloon you add needs to be at least 12 inches. A 17 inch balloon works well. For added decoration you can use a clear balloon and fill it with multiple smaller balloons. Now, tie your last balloon to the bottom of you cluster. If you have a long skinny balloon around, they make this job easy. Just attach the deflated balloon onto your last balloon, and wrap your deflated balloon around your cluster of balloons. Take turns wrapping it around different balloons, until secure.

6. Your last step is optional. To add more decoration, drape ribbon around your last layer of balloons.

Have Fun!

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