Baby Shower Scrapbooking Party

by AEA on February 2, 2010

This idea not only keeps everyone busy but is fun and most of all creates a great keepsake for baby and mom.

Throwing the Party After the Baby is Here baby shower for girl scrapbook

This idea tends to be more fun after the baby has arrived. You can get each of your guests to create a scrapbook page for the baby. This page can contain pictures, words of advice, wishes, poems, or anything the guest wants to contribute.

Nominate someone to be the photographer to capture pictures of your guests with the baby to use in the scrapbook. It is works great if you are able to print pictures out at the party for people to use right away. If that is not an option you can add the pictures later, have pictures previously taken and all ready there for them to use. You could also take the pictures as people arrive, e-mail them to Walgreens or Wal-Mart to pick up in one hour and do gifts and food while you wait.

Throwing the Party Before the Baby Arrives

           You can also do this before the baby arrives. Instead of using pictures of the baby you can use pictures of the guest with their gift to the new little one and the mother-to-be. Another idea is to have your guests create fun borders, poems, sayings and set up pages for the parents to fill in later after the baby‚Äôs arrival.

Things you might want to set up at a table…

1. Scrapbook

2. Stickers

3. Stencils

4. Paper

5. Pictures

6. Scissors

7. Glue/Tape

8. Pens and Markers

9. Stamps

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