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Baby Shower Activities

Create a Time Capsule at your next Baby Shower

Time Capsule Have your guests bring something that helps date the time the baby was born. A few good ideas would be: a video of the baby shower, cd, newspaper, ultrasound picture, magazine article, a list of wishes from your guests, etc. Store all the items away in a box for a good 18 years. [...]

Crafts to Make at a Baby Shower

  Painting Onesies: A Fun Baby Shower Craft This idea is fairly simple. Find a good place to set up a paint table and have your guests paint onesies for the new arrival. Have some ideas in advance to help everyonethat may need it. You can print out some simple coloring books pages from the [...]

Baby Shower Scrapbooking Party

This idea not only keeps everyone busy but is fun and most of all creates a great keepsake for baby and mom. Throwing the Party After the Baby is Here This idea tends to be more fun after the baby has arrived. You can get each of your guests to create a scrapbook page for [...]

Baby Shower Outdoor Activity

Baby Shower Activity Planting a tree is a fun way to celebrate a new life. Everyone can pitch in either by digging the hole, placing the tree, adding soil or watering.

A Baby Shower Activity to be Cherished

A Fun and Unique Baby Shower Activity Put together a journal of milestones, suggestions, wishes and hopes for the expectant parents for each month of the baby’s first year. Also add a few blank sheets for each month, so the parents can add their own experiences as time goes by. Not only is it fun [...]