Water Squirt Battle

by AEA on February 2, 2010

Kids Party Game - A Fun Water Race

Ages: 6+


  • Stick Pins
  • 5 or 9 inch Balloons
  • Large Cup

Players: 2+

How to Play: Divide your players into teams of one or two. Each team will have a needle, some water balloons and a cup. Each team must see how fast they can fill up their cup up with water by making holes in their balloons. The first team to fill their cup up to the top wins. It is best not to use water balloons because they pop easily and you can’t fill them up as full. Each team will have to figure out the fastest approach to filling up their cup. Some might try to have more then one balloon going at one time, some might try to make bigger holes in their balloons, and some might just keep popping their balloons over the top of the cup.


Jen & Jade’s Rating

The girls really loved this game. It was new and exciting to them. They were ready to play again after we were finished. The first time we played we used bowls, which was way too easy. They just kept popping the balloons over the bowl and it filled up very quickly, so we found something with a smaller opening. The smaller the opening of the cup or container you use, the harder it will be. For older kids I would use empty pop bottles to make it more difficult.

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