Stuffed Balloons - Stuffing Smaller Balloons inside a Large Balloon

by admin on February 15, 2010

How to Stuff Smaller Balloons into a Larger One

Stuffing balloons inside a larger one makes for great decorations or for exploding balloons. To stuff balloons, all you will need in an air pump, a short stick (or an unsharpened pencil), a bunch of 5 inch balloons and a larger balloon (17 inch to 3 feet).

First, fill your larger balloon halfway full of air and hold it shut. Then insert your stick into a 5 inch balloon and stick it inside the large balloon. After your smaller balloon is just slightly sticking out, take out your stick and fill your 5 inch balloon with air. Now that your smaller balloon is full, the pressure of that balloon should serve as a temporary plug for your larger balloon.

This way you can use two hands to tie off the smaller balloon and then release it inside. As you are releasing the smaller balloon inside, you will have to hold your larger balloon shut again. Repeat this over and over and over again, until you have the desired amount of balloons stuffed inside. A 3 foot balloon can hold at least 50 balloons.

When working with the larger balloon, just make sure you don’t fill it past its limit. I would even stop shortly before you hit the 3 foot point. I have had them pop on me and it is not fun to start all over.

If you are stuffing the balloon to be exploded, you can stuff some confetti in there with you balloons.

Good luck!

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