Easter Games - Lily Pad Relay

by AEA on February 15, 2010

Easter Games - Lily Pad Relay

Lily Pad Relay

Age: 3+


  • 4 large lily pads (made from construction paper or poster board)

Players: 4+

Preparation: Make your lily pads (about 1 foot in size). Then set up a starting line and about 10 to 15 feet away set a cone for each team.

How to Play: Divide your players into teams of two or more. The first person from each team must cross your “pond” using the lily pads. They will set one down, step on it, set the next one down and then move to that one. They will keep doing this until they go around the cone and back to their team. Then the next player must go. The players are not allowed to slide the lily pads along the floor while standing on them. Whoever’s team finishes first wins.

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