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Easter Games

Egg Treasure Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Age: 6 + Need: Paper Pencil Plastic Eggs Treasure Players: 1 or more How to Play: Fill a bunch of plastic eggs with clues, leading to one another. The first egg will lead you to another egg and that egg will lead you to another. At the end of the hunt the [...]

Egg Relay

A Game for Easter Age: 3 + Need: Hard Boiled Eggs Large Spoons Players: 4+ How to Play: Set up a course outside, with a starting and finishing line. Then divide your players into teams of two or more. Each team will have to use a spoon to move 5 eggs one at a time [...]

Easter Games - Musical Eggs

Musical Eggs Age: 3+ Need:   Poster Board Music Player Players: 4+ Preparation: Cut out eggs from your poster board, about 8 to 12 inches in size. You will need an egg for each player, minus one. How to Play: This is much like musical chairs. Lay out all your eggs in a circle a [...]

Easter Games - Lily Pad Relay

Easter Games - Lily Pad Relay Lily Pad Relay Age: 3+ Need: 4 large lily pads (made from construction paper or poster board) Players: 4+ Preparation: Make your lily pads (about 1 foot in size). Then set up a starting line and about 10 to 15 feet away set a cone for each team. How [...]

Easter Games - Egg Trivia

Egg Trivia Age: 5+ Need: Plastic eggs Paper Players: 2+ Preparation: Make a list of trivia questions for your players. You will need one question in each of the eggs, except for every five trivia questions, you will have an egg with a piece of paper with the word “wild” on it and another egg with [...]

Easter Games - Egg Abduction

Egg Abduction Age: 3+ Need: 6 Plastic Easter Eggs (three of one color and three of another color) Players: 4+ How to Play: Divide your players into two teams. If you have a lot of kids, feel free to add a third team and more eggs. Each team will gather around 15 feet from one [...]