Egg Relay

by AEA on April 1, 2010

A Game for Easter

Age: 3 +


  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Large Spoons

Players: 4+

How to Play: Set up a course outside, with a starting and finishing line. Then divide your players into teams of two or more. Each team will have to use a spoon to move 5 eggs one at a time to the finish line. The egg is not allowed to be touched or fall from your spoon. If the egg falls off the spoon or is touched by the player they must go back to the starting line. After the egg is safely across the finish line, that player needs to run back and tag the next teammate to try for the next egg. Whatever team gets all of their eggs across the finish line first wins.

For Older Players: Create a few obstacles along the way; making them walk around cones, over buckets, underneath ropes, or whatever other ideas you can come up with. Blindfolding one team mate while another teammate has to guide them through the obstacle is another good challenge for older players.

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