by AEA on March 24, 2010

Free Printable Baby Shower Game





5 +

How to Play:

  This baby shower game will only work if the baby is still cooking in mom’s tummy. You will have all your guests guess the baby’s arrival date, weight, length and time of birth (or sex if that is unknown). After the baby is born a winner will be determined for each category and when they come visit the new little one, they will receive a prize.

If you want to give the mom-to-be the prizes to put in her bag for the hospital, gift certificates work well (since they are small). You can put them in an envelope, along with the chart. They don’t need to be worth a lot, they could be for $5 at a local fast food restaurant, Itunes or for Target. You could also have the prizes mailed with a birth announcement or waiting at the baby’s home for the first home visit.

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