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Baby Shower Games

Don’t say Baby

Baby Shower Game Age: any Need: Necklaces Players: 5 + How to Play:  At the start of the shower everyone is given a necklace, they could be cheap beaded toy necklaces, lays or whatever you can find that is fairly inexpensive. Then everyone is told they are not allowed to say baby. If you are [...]

Baby Shower Doodles

Free Printable Baby Shower Game Age: 7 + Need: Timer Pencils Paper Doodle Cards (you can make them yourselves or download them here for personal use) Game Board and Dice – optional (download one for personal use) Playing with the Game Board:   First divide your players into two teams, if you have a lot of [...]

Word Mix

Baby Shower Printable Game Ages: 6 + Need: Pencils Players: 1 + How to Play: Give everyone a worksheet and have them come up with as many words as they can out of the words Baby Shower. Time them for 5 to 10 minutes and then see who came up with the most words. Click [...]

Diapering Blindfolded

Baby Shower Games Ages: 5 + Need: Dolls Diapers Baby Powder (optional) Players: 4 + How to play: Have you guests race to diaper a doll while blindfolded. You could also create teams and let people work together without blindfolds, but when working as a team you are only allowed to use one hand.

Baby Shower Bingo – Free Printable

Printable Baby Shower Bingo Ages: 6 + Need: Printable Bingo Cards Pencils Players: 3 + How to Play: Have your guests write down what gifts they think the new mom will receive at her shower, in each of the bingo squares. For example, they might want to put clothes in one square, pacifier in another, [...]

Baby Wars

Baby Shower Game Age: 2 + Need: Bowl Rice Buttons Players: 4 + Preparation: Get 16 buttons and divide them by four and write the letters B, A, B and Y on each group of buttons. Then fill two large bowls with rice and add 2 of each letter in the rice and mix them [...]

Who’s Who

Picture Mix Up Age: any Need: Pictures of all your Guests Sticky Notes Paper and Pencils Players: 5 + Preparation: In your invitations to the party, request your guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. Have them put the picture inside an envelope, if you want to include the envelope in your [...]

Bottle Races

Baby Shower Game Age: all Need: Baby Bottles Players: 2 + Preparation:Fill some baby bottles with water or juice and stick them in the frig. Make sure all your bottles have the same amount in them (4 oz. is good). How to Play:Have all your players race to see who can drink their bottle the [...]

Baby Shower Mystery Bags

Baby Shower Age: 5 + Need: Baby Stuff (rattles, pacifiers, baby lotion, etc.) Paper Bags Players: 3 + Preparation: Gather a variety of baby items and put them separately into paper lunch bags.  As you put the different items in the bags, label the bags with numbers and on a piece of paper write down [...]


Free Printable Baby Shower Game Age: any Need: Pencil Chart – Make one yourself or download one here: Speculation Chart for ones that don’t know the sex of the baby Speculation Chart for Expectant Girls Speculation Chart for Expectant Boys Players: 5 + How to Play:   This baby shower game will only work if [...]