Baby Wars

by AEA on April 24, 2010

Baby Shower Game

Age: 2 +


  • Bowl
  • Rice
  • Buttons

Players: 4 +

Preparation: Get 16 buttons and divide them by four and write the letters B, A, B and Y on each group of buttons. Then fill two large bowls with rice and add 2 of each letter in the rice and mix them up.

How to Play: Have your guests break down into teams of two and nominate two teams to go first. One person will sit in front of the bowl wearing a blindfold (they will be the hunter), while the other will help direct their moves but is not allowed to touch the bowl. The hunter will search for the different buttons to spell the word baby. If they pull out a letter they already had they must put it back in their bowl before picking another one. The team that spells baby the fastest wins. Then the next team will take on the winner.

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