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by AEA on April 22, 2010

Picture Mix Up

Age: any


  • Pictures of all your Guests
  • Sticky Notes
  • Paper and Pencils

Players: 5 +

Preparation: In your invitations to the party, request your guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. Have them put the picture inside an envelope, if you want to include the envelope in your invite it would be helpful. Also let your guests know that their picture should be kept secret from the other guests.

    Collect all the envelopes as your guests arrive. When you have gathered all the envelopes, mix them up. Then take out the pictures and number them by putting small sticky notes on the bottom of each picture.

How to Play: Give all your guests a pencil and piece of paper, and have them guess who is who. After everyone has all their guesses written down, have your guests one by one reveal who they are. Whoever gets the most right wins.

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