Donut Eating Contest - Kids Party Games

by AEA on April 1, 2010

Kid’s Party Game

Age: 3+


  • Donuts
  • Blindfold

Players: 4+

How to Play: Break your guests into teams of two and sit them across from one another. The first teammate will need to be blindfolded while they try to feed their teammate a donut. The person eating the donuts will need to help instruct them where to put the donut. Whichever team that can make all of their donut disappear first wins.


Jen & Jade’s Rating

     The girls really enjoyed stuffing donuts into one another’s mouths. They said it was “funny and a lot of fun”. The game was a little on the messy side so I would recommend you do it outside or on a hardwood floor. I would also use donut holes the next time, instead of a whole donut. Cupcakes (with little frosting) would also work well.

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