Finger Painting Crafts

by AEA on April 1, 2010

A Great Homemade Gift

     Finger painting is a great project for kids and can be turned into a fun masterpiece to hang on your wall or give away as a gift. All you need is thick paper, finger paint and a camera. Prepare a large area, covering up the table with newspaper and have water and paper towels in easy reach. Have you kids wear scrappy clothes and let them begin using one color at a time. If they don’t like getting messy, they can use latex gloves. Capture fun pictures while your child is finger painting. When their painting is dry, center your favorite picture in the middle of their artwork. If you’re having trouble with the paper not lying as flat as you would like, you can iron the back side of the paper on low. You can frame their artwork or add any other touches to your liking. Adding their signature in the bottom corner can be a fun addition.

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