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Printable Shower Game

Baby Shower Doodles

Free Printable Baby Shower Game Age: 7 + Need: Timer Pencils Paper Doodle Cards (you can make them yourselves or download them here for personal use) Game Board and Dice – optional (download one for personal use) Playing with the Game Board:   First divide your players into two teams, if you have a lot of [...]

Word Mix

Baby Shower Printable Game Ages: 6 + Need: Pencils Players: 1 + How to Play: Give everyone a worksheet and have them come up with as many words as they can out of the words Baby Shower. Time them for 5 to 10 minutes and then see who came up with the most words. Click [...]

Baby Shower Bingo – Free Printable

Printable Baby Shower Bingo Ages: 6 + Need: Printable Bingo Cards Pencils Players: 3 + How to Play: Have your guests write down what gifts they think the new mom will receive at her shower, in each of the bingo squares. For example, they might want to put clothes in one square, pacifier in another, [...]


Free Printable Baby Shower Game Age: any Need: Pencil Chart – Make one yourself or download one here: Speculation Chart for ones that don’t know the sex of the baby Speculation Chart for Expectant Girls Speculation Chart for Expectant Boys Players: 5 + How to Play:   This baby shower game will only work if [...]

Baby Shower Word Search – Free Printable

Baby Shower Word Search Ages: 6 + Need: Pencil Printable Word Search Players: 1 + How to Play:   In a word search you will need to search through a box full of letters to find different words. The larger the box of letters, the harder the searching will be. This can be an activity done [...]

Baby Shower Charades

Baby Shower Charades Age: 5 + Need: Charade Cards Timer Pen and Paper (for a score card) Players: 4 + How to Play: Break down into teams of at least three people. Each team will take turns acting out different words related to pregnancy or babies. To know what they will act out they will [...]

Printable Baby Shower Trivia

Baby Shower Trivia Ages: 6 + Need: Trivia Questions Pencils Players: 1 + How to Play: Hand out a trivia questionnaire to all your guests and give them 5 to 10 minutes to answer all the questions. Then read the answers out loud and whoever got the most right wins. Click to download the attached [...]

Baby Shower Word Scrambler – Free Printable

Printable Word Scramble for a Baby Shower Ages: 6 + Need: Pencil Word Scramble (print one here) Players: 1 + How to Play: A word scramble is a game that gives you a bunch of letters that you need to rearrange and unscramble to make a real word. For example, if the first one was [...]