Baby Shower Charades

by AEA on March 24, 2010

Baby Shower Charades

Age: 5 +


Players: 4 +

How to Play: Break down into teams of at least three people. Each team will take turns acting out different words related to pregnancy or babies. To know what they will act out they will need charade cards to pick from. The cards will have a word or short phrase on them. For example, they might have “gassy baby”, “labor” or “feeding the baby” on them.

You can print out the charade cards here, or you can have your teams create them before the game. If you have your teams create the charade cards, have each team write down their own words or phrases to be acted out on pieces of paper and then put them into a bowl (each team will have their own bowl). Then the other teams can pick from their bowl when it is their turn.

The first team to start will need to choose one person from their team to act out the first card, that person will have 10 seconds to look over the card before they have to start acting it out. Then their team needs to guess what was on their card. They can hold up fingers in the beginning to show how many words is on the card, and can give any gestures that they can think of as long as it is not verbal. Some people will allow groans or simple sound effects, it is up to you. If a person says one of the correct words, the actor can point to that person letting them know that they have one of the words. Give the team 2 minutes to guess the right answer. If they can get in with in their time limit, then they get a point. If they get it right with in 30 seconds give them two points. Then it is the next team’s turns. The team with the most points at the end wins.

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