Scooby Doo Birthday Party

by AEA on January 15, 2010


Small “detective” notebooks make great invitations for a Scooby Doo theme. Write the word confidential on your mini notebooks and on the first page, have a top secret message inviting them to the party. Depending on the kid’s ages, you can make your party information need to be decoded by your guests.


Set up your party area as a spooky castle, a wild theme park or any place that could hold a mystery. Here are a couple ideas to help create a spooky and suspicious atmosphere:

-Use caution tape to block off doorways or certain areas.

-Make footprints out of sidewalk chalk leading up to your home and outlines of monsters.

-Hang up wanted posters of different monsters around the party area.

-Use spider webs and plastic spiders in the corners of your room.

-Play spooky music

-Hang balloon ghosts around the room (white balloons with faces drawn on them).

-Any skeletons or bats left over from Halloween also work great.

-Secrete Passageways – Depending on your house you can find different ways to create a secrete passageway. You can make a doorway look like a book case (using poster board) and have the bottom open up.


-Scooby Snacks – Use cookie cutters to bake sugar cookies in the shape of Scooby Snacks (dog bones)

-Subs, Hot Dogs or Pizza – Some of Shaggy and Scooby’s favorite foods.

-Monster Fruit - Cut up a watermelon, cantaloupe or pineapple to look like a monster and then stuff it with fruit.

Games & Fun

-If you have someone that will dress up as a monster or ghost, have them slowly appear for short periods of time throughout the party. Tell your guests that you don’t know for sure what they are doing here, and ask them to help figure it out. At the end of the party let the monster be captured and reveal their identity.

-Paw Print Search – Hid a bunch of paw prints (cut out of paper) around your party area and see who can find the most prints.

-Mummy Wars – Break down into teams, and have each team pick a person to be the mummy. The team that can do the best looking mummy made with toilet paper wins.

-Pop the Ghost - Blow up white balloons and add a ghost face with a permanent marker. Then tie them with yarn (thin elastic works well also) to everyone’s ankles, giving a couple feet between the balloon and the guest. Then when you say go, have your guests try to pop each others balloons by stomping on them. The last person with a balloon tied to them wins.

-Pin a Scooby Snack on Scooby

Party Favors

-Detective Notebook and Pencil

-Scooby Stickers

-Magnifying Glass

-Scooby Snacks (cookies or Scooby Doo fruit snacks) in a doggy bowl

-Small Water Guns

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