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Birthday Girl Themes

Princess Party Craft Ideas

Princess Birthday Craft Ideas Here are some fun princess crafts that can be completed by your guests and some that you can prepare for princess party favors. All these craft ideas are all fairly cheap and easy to make. Party Princess Hat There are so many different ways to make princess party hats, from crowns [...]

Jungle Safari Birthday Party

Invitations Passports for a Jungle Safari – Make your invitations look like a passport through your wild jungle. Decorations Bamboo and greenery work well for this theme. If you have a lot of plants around your house, start with them. Have stuffed animals or rubber snakes popping out of them. You can also give the [...]

Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Birthday Party

Invites We made our invites in the shape of concert tickets. I designed them on my computer and printed them out on photo paper. Then along with the tickets we added a short note with a disguise name for each of the guests. If you are not too familiar with the show, Miley (Hannah Montana) [...]

Spa Slumber Party

A Girls Night At least once a year all the girls in my family get together and have a girls night. No guys allowed. We stock up on mud mask, fingernail polish, movies and popcorn. We order pizza for dinner and then later snack on our popcorn. Everyone gets their finger and toenails done, and [...]

Scooby Doo Birthday Party

Invitations Small “detective” notebooks make great invitations for a Scooby Doo theme. Write the word confidential on your mini notebooks and on the first page, have a top secret message inviting them to the party. Depending on the kid’s ages, you can make your party information need to be decoded by your guests. Decorations Set [...]

Book Bash

Book Bash Book Party Ideas A book themed party works well for any age as long as the guest of honor has a passion for reading. Book parties are also great to help get others excited about reading and books. Here are a few ideas to help you get started: Invitations Book Invitations – Transform [...]

Princess Party Theme

Princess Invites In the invitations make sure your guests are aware of your theme, so they can come dressed in princess attire. Scroll invitations are perfect for a Princess theme. Start out by creating and printing your invitations on your computer. Off white paper works best. After they are printed, slowly burn the edges of [...]

Birthday Party Ideas for a Circus Theme

Invitations Circus Tickets – Make your invitations on your computer to look like circus tickets. This is a very cheap and easy way to make invitations. Decorations A Circus is typically filled with many different primary colors, so make your party area colorful. Here are a few decorating ideas: Balloons, Balloons and more Balloons! Streamers [...]