Elegant Wedding Favors

by AEA on January 2, 2010

How to Make Elegant Wedding Favors

For my sister’s wedding we bought plastic wine glasses, filled them with candy and added a wine charm.They were very simple wedding favors, and they looked very elegant next to everyone’s place setting.We had many compliments on them and many of her guests still use them.

The wine charms are very easy to make and don’t take much time at all. We waited until Hobby Lobby had their charms and beads on sale (for half off) and bought a whole bunch. We ended up going to a couple different stores to get everything we needed (since we had a lot of favors to make). You could also buy beads and charms in bulk online, if you wanted. To make the charms all you need is beads, charms (optional), pliers and hoops. The beads and charm will slip right on your hoop, and when they are all on you will need to bend the end of the hoop. Bending the tip of the hoop allows for you to hook the wine charm on correctly.

Now fill your wedding favor up with candy and you are done. We used Hershey kisses, but they were a little expensive. You could use any type of candy or leave them empty to fill with wine at the wedding. You could also add a small thank you note with ribbon.

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