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Wedding Favors

Hershey Kiss Roses

How to make Hershey Kiss Roses Favors Hershey kiss roses are a fun and editable party favor that work great for weddings or other special events. Hershey kiss roses also make great decorations and centerpieces. Instructions for Making Hershey Kiss Roses: 1. Collect your materials. You will need: Hershey Kisses Cellophane (red or pink) Shish [...]

Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Cheap Wedding Favors        Fill a small box or bag with some goodies for your upcoming wedding reception. You can buy bags and boxes especially for this occasion at your local craft stores (Hobby lobby, Michaels, etc.). For a cheaper solution, you can use sandwich bags and some ribbon.        Now you need to figure [...]

Flower Party Favors

Fun Party Favor Ideas      Giving away flowers is a fun and unique party favor for your guests. You can buy terra cotta pots and fill them with the flowers of your choice. Depending on the size of the pots you can get them for 40 cents to a dollar a piece. Michaels and other [...]

Wedding Favors for the Next Morning

A Fun and Unique Wedding Favor Pack a light breakfast for your guests to eat the following morning.   In a small bag you could include some of the following: Juice Bottle of Water Cinnamon Roll Muffin Fruit Donut Granola Bar Breakfast Bar Maybe an Aspirin or two Thank You Note

Elegant Wedding Favors

How to Make Elegant Wedding Favors For my sister’s wedding we bought plastic wine glasses, filled them with candy and added a wine charm.They were very simple wedding favors, and they looked very elegant next to everyone’s place setting.We had many compliments on them and many of her guests still use them. The wine charms [...]

Chic Magnet Favors

Inexpensive Wedding Favors       Create chic magnets for your guests to take home. All you will need is small tiles, magnets and permanent markers or tile paints and sealer. Come up with a simple design and draw or paint it on your magnets. If you mess up, try fingernail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to take it [...]