The Cat and the Mouse

by admin on March 1, 2010

A Fun Game for Kids of all Ages

Age: 4+


  • toy mouse or ball
  • timer or music player (optional)

Players: 7+

How to Play: Have everyone sit in a tight circle with one person in the middle, this person will be the cat. Have the cat close their eyes while you hand out the mouse to someone in the circle (or ball if you don’t have a mouse). The circle will sit with their knees up and pass around their mouse secretly, as the cat watches closely. For younger players you can tell the cat the area in which the ball will start. As the mouse is passed around the kids are timed and when the timer goes off (or the music stops) the cat has to guess where the mouse is. If you don’t have easy access to a timer or music player, just have the cat yell freeze when they are ready. If they get it right the person that was caught is now in the middle. If they are wrong, they are stuck in the middle for one more time. If the cat is wrong twice then they pick a new cat to go into the middle.

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