Marshmallow Shooter Challenge - Kids Party Game

by AEA on February 15, 2010

Fun with Marshmallow Blow Guns

Ages: 5+


Players: 1+

Preparation: Set up your buckets in any desired order (close together) and mark each of them with the amount of points they will be worth.

How to Play: Now your guests can take turns seeing how many points they can get using the marshmallow guns. The person with the most points wins.

This game was a lot of fun at first for the girls, but they got board with it toward the end. It would have been better if we had two different stations set up, so they both could have gone at the same time. If you had a lot of players I would suggest setting up a station for every 3 kids, letting all 3 of them shoot at the same time competing against the other groups.

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