Marshmallow Gun Shooting Contest - Kids Party Game

by AEA on February 1, 2010

Marshmallow Blow Gun Party Game

Age: 3+


  • Marshmallow Guns (learn how to make them)
  • Marshmallows
  • Paper or Empty Pop Cans (something to use as a target)

Players: 2+

Preparation: Figure out what you would like to use for targets. You can make some out of heavy paper or use empty pop cans or water bottles. I used paper and put pictures of villains on them to sick with my party theme. Set up your target on a railing, table or even the floor. Then measure off five feet or so (depending on the age group playing the game) and make a starting line using string, masking tape or whatever.

How to Play: Have your guests take turns seeing how many targets they can knock down using a marshmallow gun. You can give each player one minute to see how many they can get. The person that can knock down the most targets wins.


Jen and Jade’s Ratin

The girls really enjoyed this game. They had never used marshmallow guns, so it was something new and different. The only problem we came across is that the targets were a little hard to knock down. The bottoms needed to be closer together so they would fall down easier. Then at times when we got a gust of wind, they fell down to easy, so make sure you are in a wind free area when doing this game.

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