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by admin on January 15, 2010

kids party game

Kids Party Game – The Marble Race

Age: 3 +


  • Marbles
  • 1 (or more) Large Bowl or Container
  • Water
  • Timer

Players: 2 +

Preparation: You should have at least one container for every 2 – 3 players. If you don’t have a lot of players I would recommend having a container for each of them or even a small plastic swimming pool for everyone to use. Fill your containers halfway full of water and then add around 30 marbles to each of them.

How to Play: See how many marbles each player can get out of the water in one minute using only their feet. The person that is able to collect the most marbles wins.



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Jen & Jade’s Rating

The girls thought this game was okay. The upside of the game for them was playing in the water; the downside was that they had just played the same game at school and they like new challenges. Their thoughts on making the game better was to try and get different items with their feet instead of marbles. They liked the idea of gummy worms or something a little slippery. I thought peeled grapes might be a good challenge. Another idea they came up with was some sort of treasures, like play necklaces, coins, bouncy balls, fake jewels, etc. Then they can take their “treasure” home with them. The more they got thinking, the more they got really excited about this game and wanted to do it again.

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