Christmas Party Games - Christmas Idol

by AEA on March 1, 2010

Christmas Party Games - Christmas Idol

Age: 4+


  • Christmas Music
  • Karaoke Machine

Players: 2 +

How to Play: For this game you will have your guests compete for Christmas Idol. You will need to find some contestants that are up for the challenge to sign and perform Christmas music. Also pick out a couple of judges to rate your contestants. Tell your judges to feel free to joke around and give each other a hard time when reviewing your contestants. All your contestants can have as many performances as you’d like them to have. Then the rest of your guests can vote on the winner. If you want to keep their votes confidential, hand out slips of paper to each of your guests and have them place them in a box when. After you have found the winner, present them with a gift of some sort.

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