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Winter Holiday Games

Where’s Santa - Christmas Game

Where’s Santa Age: 4 + Need: Players Players: 7 + How to Play: Set all your players in a circle and choose one person to be Rudolf. They will need to leave the room for a quick moment, so you can choose someone to be Santa. Rudolf cannot know who Santa is. Then when Rudolf [...]

Present Challenge

Holiday Party Game – Present Challenge Age: 4+ Need:   Mittens, oven mitts or heavy socks  Wrapping paper  Boxes  Tissue paper  Paper  Scissors Players: Preparation:  Start by cutting out stars (or whatever shape you’d like) from your paper.  The stars should be around 1 inch in size.  Take your first star and wrap it up in [...]

Mystery Gift - A Holiday Game

Mystery Gift Age: 3 + Need: Paper Bags Small Holiday Items Pencil Paper Players: 4 + Preparation: Pick out some small Holiday items and place each of them in a bag. A few good ideas would be: Ornaments Candy Canes Tissue Paper Mistletoe Coal (rock) Santa Hat Mini Christmas Tree Christmas Lights Candle Bells Stuffed [...]

Xmas Game Idea - Perfecting Santa Clause

Perfecting Santa Clause Age: 4+ Need: Cotton Balls or Stuffing Vaseline Blush Santa Hats Players: 4+ How to Play: Break down your players into teams of two or more. Each team will have to designate one player to be Santa Clause and the rest of the team will transform them into the best Santa they [...]

Holiday Gift Exchange Game

Age: 5 + Need: Stickers Players: 8 + How to Play: Have all your guests bring a gift to your party. Put a $15 limit (or how much you think is appropriate) on the gift. The gifts could be a movie, lottery tickets, candy, or whatever. All the gifts are gathered in a certain area [...]

A Fun Christmas Party Game

Blindfolded Elf Age: 5+ Need: Construction Paper Scissors Glue Stick Blindfolds Other Craft Supplies of your Choice Some Ideas for Christmas Craft Supplies: Pipe Cleaners Stickers Cotton Balls Bells Beads Markers Glitter String Pom Poms Corks Felt Players: 2+ How to Play: For this game, you will need to break your players down into teams [...]

Christmas Party Games - Christmas Idol

Christmas Party Games - Christmas Idol Age: 4+ Need: Christmas Music Karaoke Machine Players: 2 + How to Play: For this game you will have your guests compete for Christmas Idol. You will need to find some contestants that are up for the challenge to sign and perform Christmas music. Also pick out a couple [...]

Christmas Party Game - Christmas Tree Trimming

Christmas Party Game – Christmas Tree Trimming Age: 4+ Need: Green streamers Ornaments (they can be real or made out of paper) Lights Any other craft supplies that would work for decorating a Christmas tree Players: 4+ Preparation: For each of your teams you will need to provide them with a box or bag full [...]