Candy Count

by AEA on February 15, 2010

A Simple Game for all Ages

Age: 4 +


  • Candy
  • Jar

Players: 4 +

Preparation: Fill up a jar with a bunch of candy. You can use red hots, sweethearts, M&Ms, marshmallows, gummy worms or whatever else that you can find. Depending on the size of your candy, make sure your jar isn’t too big, unless you are in the mood to count. You can also put different kinds and sizes of candy in the jar to make it a little harder. If you are throwing a Holiday party, it should be easy to find candy to go with your theme. If you are throwing a baby shower, use pastel colored candy. You will need to count all the candy that you put in the jar and write it down somewhere you won’t forget!

How to Play: Have all your guests guess how much is in the jar. Have them write their guess down along with their name and stick it into a bowl. The person closest wins.

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