How to Make Party Poppers

by AEA on June 15, 2010

Party Poppers for Wedding or Parties

Party poppers are cheap party or wedding favors and very easy to make. There are two different ways to make party poppers and I will go over both. To make poppers you will need:

  • Toilet paper rolls (optional)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors and tape
  • Candy or other party fillers

Using toilet paper rolls for party poppers:
1. Cut your toilet paper rolls in the middle so they are in two equal pieces. You can cut them in a zagged or straight line.

2. Use two small pieces of tape to put your toilet paper roll back together. Be careful not to use too much tape. Using too much tape will make it hard for your party poppers to pop open in the middle; at the same time too little tape will make to your party poppers fall apart too easily.

3. Cut out two pieces of wrapping paper, one for each side of your party popper. You will want to make your wrapping paper overlap about a half an inch in the center. Your party poppers will look best if you have two different matching colors of wrapping paper for each side of the party popper. On one edge of your first piece of paper make a zigzag edge, this will be the center of your party popper. This will help add more decoration to your party popper.

4. Attach your wrapping paper to the party popper using tape to secure the paper on.

5. Tie off one end of the party popper with ribbon and add your candy or other party favors.

6. Tie off the other end of the party popper. Now your party popper is complete. To bust open your party popper, your guests can just snap it is half. With using the next method of making party poppers, your guests will not be able to snap it open, but will need to untie one end or rip the wrapping paper open.

Making Party Poppers without Toilet Paper Rolls

You can also make your party poppers without toilet paper rolls. To do this, you will roll your wrapping paper to the size of a toilet paper roll and tape it in place. Then carefully twist the end of one side of the paper and tie it off with ribbon. Add your party fillers to the party popper and tie the other end shut.

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