Halloween Ghost Footprints

by AEA on June 15, 2010

Ghost Footprint Craft Project and Poem

To make your ghost feet craft it is fairly simple and cheap to do.  Apply a small amount of white paint to the bottom of your child’s foot and have them slowly step down onto black construction paper.  Carefully push down on their toes to make sure you get a good impression.  A sponge works great to help spread the paint evenly and touch up any areas that need it. You might want to test your footprint first on a scrap piece of paper to ensure you have the right amount of paint of your foot.  If you have too much paint it may look more like a blob.  After your footprint is dry, add your eyes and mouth.  For the eyes use a permanent marker or googly eyes, and use a marker for the mouth.

This can be a great baby’s first Halloween craft idea.  This would make a great scrapbook page or wall portrait.  A picture or two of your baby’s first Halloween, along with their tiny ghost feet.

Instead of paper, you could put your ghost footprints on a T-Shirt.  Your kids could design their own Halloween shirt or make one as a gift.  Halloween cards with these ghost feet would also be a fun craft project for kids.

Ghost Footprint Poem

If you want to add a poem to your project, here are a few examples:

Poem 1

Happy Halloween to YOU!
No need to be shocked…
These 2 stinky ghosts are now socked!

Poem 2

This isn’t just a ghost as anyone can plainly see
For I made it with my foot which is a part of me
It comes with lots of love from me,
Especially to say…
Have a very happy Halloween Day

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