Floral Arrangements

by AEA on March 2, 2010

Floral Arrangement Design

Floral Design is the service of making a flower arrangement. Flower arrangements provide that extra component to any formal or casual event such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, formal dinners or holidays get-togethers. Flowers enhance the mood and help set the tone to become very much part of the visual experience.

There are many different types and styles of floral arrangements available from professional florists.Before seeing a florist it is best to determine your personal preferences, making it easier to communicate your tastes.

Shown below are a few of the possibilities florists can create. With access to hundreds of flower varieties and colors, florists can put together a truly personalized design to fit any need, so you can be very creative.

Roses are the most popular flowers used in floral arrangements, closely followed by carnations, gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums. The flower variety in flower arrangements also depends on the occasion, the setting and of course your preferences.

Many cultures have their own distinctive traditions of flower arrangements, such as the Oriental style of design which emphasizes simplicity and purity. The European style of design adheres to the principles of mass, color richness and variety.

The basic floral arrangements are usually based upon the positioning of the flowers or the overall shape when completed. The container plays a large role in defining the shape and how the flowers can be positioned. Here are four arrangement designs followed by a few examples of how the container helps define the arrangement.

Vertical designs are assembled in tall, narrow containers. The positioning of the flowers will primarily be vertical with a few flowers or greenery going in other directions. Long stemmed flowers like cattails, delphinium, anthurium, gladiolus, or iris will be used. Vertical designs are tall and do not need a big footprint.

Horizontal designs are often used for centerpieces on long tables and takes a larger space for display. The containers are short and rectangular. The flowers are positioned in a line with the displayed center being higher. The focal point will be in the center and the display can be viewed from both sides. This arrangement usually has more greenery. A variation on this design is a horizontal arrangement that is taller with a layered affect as the flowers are stacked.

Triangular designs take the shape of a triangle. These arrangements are wide at the bottom and pointed at the top, a pyramid affect with the height being greater than the width. The bottom flowers and greenery lay close to the table. The focal point is at the center using the largest blooms. There are variations using an irregular triangle shape where the vertical line is located to the left or right, instead of the center.

Oval designs take the shape of a bush where there are no defined points on top or on the sides. Usually the larger blooms are centers with the smaller blooms and greenery at the edges. These arrangements can be seen from all angles. A variation on the Oval design is having some longer stemmed flowers point outside the oval.

Crescent designs will take the shape of a partial circle displayed vertically. The focal point is towards the bottom and this makes a very unique design.

Bud Vase Arrangements are simple, beautiful and can be used for any occasion. This simple arrangement is a vertical design and is created from a single stem or with several stems of mixed flowers. These cheerful little arrangements are usually targeted to individuals but can also be used as décor in small places.

Basket Arrangements are a casual display, great for patio gatherings. The exact design type is dependent upon the shape and size of the basket.

Dish Arrangements are low and take a larger footprint. These can make for a contemporary garden-style display with a more natural setting. The dish can be round or rectilinear and used for the horizontal, oval or triangular designs.

Tall Vase Arrangements are good for the Vertical designs and make a high-style arrangement that can be most impressive.

Topiaries Arrangements are tall floor displays. 2 to 4 ft tall

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