Teddy Bear Baby Shower

by AEA on April 1, 2010


Teddy Bear Theme

   My best friend loves teddy bears, so I found it fitting that we throw her a teddy bear baby shower. My favorite activity we did at the shower was making a special teddy bear for the new baby. I bought an unstuffed teddy bear from a local craft store, stuffing and some red flannel. I used the red flannel to cut out a bunch of hearts for all the guests to write a wish on for the new baby and stuff in the bear. I also had them write down their wish on the back of a homemade birth certificate a made for the bear. After everyone had their hearts stuffed inside, I finished stuffing the bear and tied him shut. This was a great hit at the shower and a great keepsake for baby.


   For the first game I filled a jar full of cinnamon bears and had everyone guess how many bears were in the jar. I had them write their guess down on a piece of paper, along with their name, and then collected their guesses in a bowl. Whoever was the closest won the jar of bears.

   The only other game I played was Don’t say Baby. In this game, I gave everyone a small teddy bear (I found them in the cake decorating section), to hold onto along with a small bag to put their bear into. The only rule in this game is that you are not allowed to say baby. If you say baby, the person to catch you, gets to take your bear. Whoever with the most bears at the end wins.


   I would have to say decorating was very simple. I used a couple teddy bears for a centerpiece, surrounded by curled ribbon. Since the shower was for a baby boy, we used a lot of blues. The table cloths were dark blue and the ribbons were light blue. I also ordered some plain dark and light blue balloons.

Party Favor Ideas

    I decided not to do party favors, mainly because I ran out of time. But here are some ideas what you could use:

  • Baby bottles or baggies full of gummy or cinnamon bears
  • Jars of honey
  • Honey & Cornbread

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