Cartoon Character Craze

by AEA on March 1, 2010

Cartoon Character Craze

Cartoon Character Game

Age: 6 +


  • Safety Pins
  • Pictures of cartoon characters

Players: 5 +

How to Play: Pin cartoon characters on all the player’s backs without them seeing their character. Then they can go around the room collecting one hint from each other player. The hints can only be one word that describes their character. For example, if the character is bugs bunny, your hints could be: carrots, grey, ears, looney, etc. When everyone has received their hints, they can guess what their character is.

     If you would like to keep score, you can have each player put a star (sticker or with a pencil) on the other person’s character as they give them the hint and the person that can guess correctly with the least hints wins.

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