Battle of the Sexes

by AEA on January 1, 2010


Age: 12 +


  • Note Cards
  • Spoon

Players: 6 +

Preparation: Using note cards write up a bunch of trivia questions, dividing your questions into four different categories: Movies and Television, Current Events, Sports, and Fashion. Your questions can be worth a different amount of points (100, 150 or 200), depending on how hard they are.

Divide you guest into two groups: the guys and the girls. Read the first category. Each team will nominate someone to come up to answer the first question. When the question is read, both team members’ hands must be in their laps. The first person to know the answer will grab the spoon and attempt to answer the question. If they are right they get the points and new team members will come up. If they are wrong, the other person is allowed to answer the question with the help of their team. They will be given 1 minute to talk it over and come up with an answer. If they are wrong, then the other team will be allowed to try and answer. If no one knows the answer, the points go to no one and the next question will be read. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

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