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50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Here’s a great idea for a 50th wedding anniversary party, make it a family reunion. Not just gathering for a few hours, make it a long weekend. When our parents had their 50th anniversary, we came up with many ideas on how to best celebrate this big event, it’s 50 years people. We considered many [...]

50th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating the 50th Wedding Anniversary The celebration of 50th wedding anniversary or the golden anniversary is the most celebrated wedding anniversary for any couple, assuming a couple stays married for 50 years. Gold is the symbol of optimism and wealth. Gold has been a favorite precious metal for thousands of years. Amy Bloom once stated: [...]

List of Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gift Ideas Each wedding anniversary is a very special occasion and the all important gift should be seriously considered. The most popular are flowers, jewelry and airfare to some romantic vacation spot. It may be the 1st wedding anniversary or the 50th wedding anniversary, each one is important.  There are also many less traditional [...]

Flowers by Anniversary

Anniversary Flowers by Year Wedding anniversary flowers can be any flower or flower arrangement that she likes the most for that special occasion. The anniversary flowers by year can be interesting as shown by the list below but if that special person does not like daffodils or hollyhocks, get something else. The most popular flower, [...]

Party Pooper not Helpful

I was recently asked what I would suggest when an honored guest did not cooperate for an anniversary party in their name. Karen and her siblings were planning a 50th anniversary party for their parents. The planning had taken several months. The party was going to be at a banquet hall, rented just for the [...]