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Winter Holiday Treats

Christmas Dessert - White Chocolate Covered Pretzel Wreaths

White Chocolate Covered Pretzel Wreaths White chocolate covered pretzel wreaths are simple and fun to make. They work great for Christmas party treats! The only ingredients you will need is pretzels, white chocolate (or almond bark), green food coloring (optional) and M&Ms. First, heat your white chocolate using a microwave or crock pot. When using [...]

Chocolate Christmas Trees for a Christmas Party

Christmas Party – Editable Decorations or Party Favors    Chocolate Christmas trees are quick and easy to make. Here are some simple instructions on how to create your own: 1. You will need: White Chocolate (Wilton White Chocolate Melts work well) Star Cookie Cutters (varying in size) Green Food Coloring (oil based) Cookie Sheet 2. [...]