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Travel Documents

Travel Tips for passports, visas and other government documents which are a necessity for international travel. Some countries require both a passport and a visa, so make sure you know exactly what is needed months before your departure date. Passports are needed for Canada and Mexico from the US. In the US, state governments will [...]

How to Reduce Airfare Costs

The airfare system for domestic and international travel is very complex and is always based upon the airlines getting the maximum revenue possible. There are some rules that may seem unintelligent, but the airlines spend millions of dollars researching travel patterns and they very well understand how to get the most travel dollars possible. So [...]

Caribbean Vacations Using the Weak USD

Planning a trip to the Caribbean, you may want to plan you destination based upon the local currency. Places using the Euro will likely be more expensive, in the order of 50% to 60% more expensive. Based upon their national affiliation with France, several islands use the Euro as their currency. Since the USD has [...]