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Organic Party with Beer and Wine

An Organic Party, this is the theme of many trendy parties since people have become more aware of the need for a greener and ECO friendly environment.  You would normally think of getting organic meat and vegetables, how ever organic beer and wine are fast becoming more available.   I like the idea of being organic [...]

Reasons NOT to Host a Party

There are a lot of good reasons to host a party; special occasions, gathering of friends and holiday celebrations. However there are also some bad reasons that just make the party “suck” for others. Revenge – If you want to retaliate against someone, don’t host a party and invite everyone else, friends and co-workers, but [...]

Wood Chips for Barbequing Flavor

Take barbequing to the next level by adding different flavors with different woods. Most people, including myself, tend to grill food to save time, both in the actual cooking time and easier cleanup. However you might want to plan a little more time and treat your guests to something a little different. Why not? A [...]

Tips on Entertaining Style

Know Your Entertaining Style One of the first things a novice learns about entertaining and how to make a party special is the importance of their own style. Your style affects your everyday choices, your lifestyle and your entertaining. In the related article “The Art of Entertaining”, style was defined as your expression, way of [...]

The Art of Entertaining

Introduction to Entertaining Entertaining is an art; it takes organization, planning and execution skills. The hostess has to be capable of doing multiple tasks, sometimes at the same time. Entertaining can be empowering when you can pull together an enjoyable party for all your guests. Take pride in what you can do and remember you [...]

Event Entertainment Basics

Entertainment Most events and parties will benefit from some type of entertainment. There are many different varieties of entertainment acts suited for many different types of occasions. Below is a partial list to help get you started thinking which would be best for your event. Music Bands Blues, Bluegrass, Christian, Classical Country, Dance, Jazz, Oldies [...]

How to Introduce Yourself and Friends

First Impressions You have heard this before “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. That first impression starts with an introduction either by your host, yourself or a friend. The first impression or introduction is what will get any following conversation off on a high note or not. You may be [...]

Treating Hangovers

Tips on Treating a Hangover Tips to get ride of a hangover can be very useful most any time. However the Spring and Summer months are the times when people gather for picnics, the backyard barbeques and holiday celebrations. These gatherings provide an opportunity for you and your guests to drink a little too much [...]