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Party Favor Decorations – Mini Towel Cakes

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How to Make Mini Towel Cakes


            Mini towel cakes or other towel deserts are perfect for unique party favors.  They work great for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays or any other special event.  They are simple to create and will look great setting next to each of your place settings.  Here are simple instructions on how to make your own. 


Step One: Gather your Materials

            You will need:

            Washcloths or Dish Rags

            Safety Pins

            Poster Board or Cardboard (thicker sheets will work better)


            Plates, boxes or bags for them to go into

            Toppers and Fillers (candles, soap, candy, ribbon, etc.)


Step Two:  Make your Templates

            Print and cut out your templates.  Trace the templates onto your poster board.  Now you can cut out your poster board and fold along the dotted lines.  If you have thick poster board, you can use an exacto knife and ruler to make straight folds.  To do this, lay the ruler along the dotted line and slightly push down on your exacto knife as you pull it along the ruler.  Try not to cut through the poster board (but if you do, that is what tape is made for). 


Step Three:  Make your Cake (or pie)

            Lay your poster board on top of your washcloth and drape your washcloth around your poster board securing it with your safety pins.  It is easiest if you start by pulling the washcloth through the cracks, pulling it tight and then securing the washcloth in the center of your template with a safety pin.  If you want to fill the middle of your cake with soap (or something), do this before securing the rest of the washcloth in place.


Step Four: Decorate your Cake

            Add your ribbon around the cake, securing it with super glue, pins or strong double sided tape.  Add your toppers.


Step Five: Finishing Up

            Now all there is left to do is place your cake in a bag or box or on top of a small plate.  You can also add a doily for extra decoration.  


Your mini towel cake is now complete.  Enjoy!

There are 3 comments
April 01, 2009 - 08:07
Subject: Folding

Are there any directions on how to fold the towels exactly? For instance I'm not sure how to fold the towel to look like a slice of cake.

Reply to Joanne
K. Nissen AEA
April 02, 2009 - 07:34
Subject: Folding

When making the slice of pie or cake you will need to use poster board as a guide. (The thicker the poster board the better). It is too hard to fold the washcloth perfectly to get the desired look, so you will need to drape the towel tightly around the poster board. Included in this article is two templates that will help you create the perfect outline for your poster board.

March 11, 2009 - 11:09
Subject: the mini cakes

excellent I was looking for the informatrion for a long time thank you soooo much

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