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Invitation Design – Tri-fold with Center Fold Over

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Make Your Own Invitation

This invitation design can  be used for any birthday, anniversary, retirement or dinner party.  The invitation design is rated at average in  difficulty and cost to make is under $1.00 USD each, not including  envelope.   The invitation card can be  mailed with or without an envelope.   All materials can be found at your local craft  stores.


Materials per invitation:

  • One sheet of 8 ½” by 11” heavy 30# to 50# paper stock with color and print of choice.   Many of these will have each side a     different color, a nice touch. 
  • One sheet of 8 ½” by 11” printable 24# linen or resume paper stock with suggested color of ivory, ecru or bright white, can be used for. 
  • One sheet of 8 ½” by 11” translucent vellum paper, can be used for 2 – 3 invitations. 
  • One 6” piece of ribbon 3/8” wide, coordinate color with heavy paper stock.


These tri-fold designs are  popular due to their low cost and ease of assembly, yet it has a unique look  and feel.  The outside of the invitation  can be chosen to complement the occasion or person of honor.   The heavy paper stock can be found in many  different colors and patterns; sports, romance, children and neutral. 


To start, design your  wording for the center section and optionally any right side picture, clip art  or embellishment you may want to add.  The wording should include the four W’s; What,  Why, When and Where.  In the example  shown, a digital picture was sized, color removed and printed on an ordinary  inkjet printer.  The color was removed  with an image editing tool so the ivory paper would have less affect on the printed  version.  An actual picture on quality  paper could be placed here also.  Or just  about any clip art that fits with the occasion. 


Once the design is  completed, place the printable paper into the printer and print how many copies  needed.   The amount of paper can be  minimized here by printing the wording in landscape with 2 – 3 columns, each  column will be identical.  These can then  be cut to the proper size along with the vellum paper, both should be 3 ¼” wide  and 6 ¾” tall.   Any embellishment,  picture or art on the right section should be a maximum of this same size, 3 ¼”  wide and 6 ¾” tall.


Use the attached .pdf file  as a guide in measuring and cutting the heavy stock cover paper.   There are two simple cuts that can best be  made with a metal right angle and utility knife.   Punch two holes into the top cover paper  fold-over, centered 1” apart and also through the vellum and printed paper with  wording.   Make the three folds as shown  on the cover paper. 


Weave the ribbon through  the three pieces of paper as shown and tack down with a fast drying glue.   Any picture or art can be attached to the  right section fold out with a spray adhesive, paper glue or double sided  tape.   A good spray adhesive works very  well with attaching two pieces of paper and photographs. 


Fold the invitation and  crease each fold by running a smooth object over the folds several times.  A mailing sticker can be added to the outside  of the invitation to help ensure the invitation stays flat until opened.   This invitation can be mailed with and  without an envelope.


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March 17, 2008 - 10:54
Subject: Invitations

This looks like a nice design. Using the base sheet that has a different color on each side makes it more attractive. I have done a few cards and used clip art to distinguish the type of party; maybe show clip art of toys for children’s birthday parties or images of NASCAR race cars for an adult man.

I would like to see some invitations specifically for kid’s birthday parties.

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