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How to Make a Towel Cake

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Towel Cakes Instructions

    Towels cakes are unique gift ideas that can double as a centerpiece or decoration. Towel cakes can be made for any occasion, from a first Birthday to a Bridal Shower. The best part about creating a towel cake is putting your own thoughts and creativity into it. There are a few different ways to create towel cakes. The round cake is what you will see the most, but you can also create a square cake. I personally enjoy the square cakes better, so I will start with how to make a simple square towel cake.

Step One: Gather your Materials

First gather all your materials, you will need:

  • 3 large bath towels
  • 3 hand towels
  • 3 washcloths
  • Ribbon
  • Pins
  • Tape (double sided tape works well)
  • Toppers (small gifts to decorate the cake with)

Step Two: Making the Bottom Layer of your Towel Cake

   Take your first large bath towel and fold it into a square, by folding it horizontally first (so you don't lose any length) and then twice vertically. Then take another large towel, fold it in half horizontally and set your first towel down on top of it. Now wrap your folded towel into the second one. Lastly wrap your first two towels with your last towel. Use safety pins to secure your towels in place.

Step Three: Making the other Layers of the Cake

   Take your three hand towels and fold them the same way as the larger ones, making your second layer of cake. Now do the same with your washcloths. Depending on the size of the towels, you might need to fold them a little differently to get the desired look.

Step Four: Attach your Cake Layers Together

   Pin all your cake layers together with safety pins.

Step Five: Add your Ribbon

   Add ribbon around each layer of cake. You can use pins, super glue or strong double sided tape to secure the ribbon in place.

Step Six: Decorate your Towel Cake

   Put on all your toppers. You can use tape and/or pins to help secure them into place.

Now you are done! Enjoy your towel cake.

If you are looking for some party favors to go with your cake, make mini towel cakes for each of the guests.

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