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Baby Blanket Craft Idea

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Baby Shower Gift Blanket Pattern


Babies love this soft and snuggly security blanket that is just their size. This blanket also has the ribbon tabs that babies love to fondle which is great sensory stimulation.This is a simple pattern but you will need access to a sewing machine.

Items you will need for blanket:

  1. Two pieces of fleece fabric, each 21inches square, (I prefer to use furry fleece, bubble fleece, any of the softer fleeces). If you like you can make one side with satin fabric and the other side with fleece.
  2. Approximately 70 pieces of ribbon cut 4 inches in length. Different colors, different textures, and different widths add to this blanket.

Instructions to assemble blanket:

Start by cutting the two pieces of fabric and the ribbon tabs. An easy way to cut the ribbon is to use a rotor cutter. This will let you cut many ribbons at one time.

When the cutting is completed, place one square right side (to be the out side) facing you. Fold a ribbon piece in half and pin the ribbons to the sides of the square with the fold of the ribbon facing the middle of the fabric. Later when the blanket is assembled and turned right-side-out, the ribbons tabs will be pointing out approximately 1 ½ inches. Then baste the ribbon to the fabric.

Next put the second square piece of fabric, right side down (both finished faces are now together) on top of the first piece that has the ribbons attached. Sew squares pieces together using a ½ inch seam, leaving approximately 5 inches open to turn blanket right side out. After blanket is turned inside out and the corners are pulled, and clipped if necessary to make the corner lay flat, stitch around blanket with a decretive stitch or straight stitch, making sure the 5 inches used for turning the blanket is turned in to match the ½ seam.

This baby blanket makes a fun toy, lap blanket in car seat or stroller, or a nice cover for the shopping cart handle.

By JF Porter