Flowers by Anniversary

by AEA on April 1, 2010

Anniversary Flowers by Year

6th Wedding Anniversary Flower

Wedding anniversary flowers can be any flower or flower arrangement that she likes the most for that special occasion. The anniversary flowers by year can be interesting as shown by the list below but if that special person does not like
daffodils or hollyhocks, get something else. The most popular flower, especially for an anniversary, is the rose.

10th Wedding Anniversary Flower

Roses are considered to be an expression of love and commitment. Anniversary Flowers
symbolize the romance in your relationship. The rose is the 15th wedding anniversary
flower while the violet is the 50th wedding anniversary flower.  The 50th wedding anniversary flower arrangements probably will not use violets.

The common flower
can be found at your local florist in a variety of beautiful
arrangements. Flower arrangements can be fresh cut flowers
or planted in a decorative vase.

During the Victorian era, the rose had deeper meanings and was used to delivery messages of love. The meaning of a rose 25th wedding anniversary flower was dependent upon the color and the number. Also if the rose was in full bloom or a rosebud, could make a difference. The meaning of the number of roses has been connected to the Bible or passed along with

The single rose, of any color, shows utmost devotion. Two roses, especially if red, speak of two people who are deeply in love. Three roses stand for “I Love You”. 15th wedding anniversary flower

Six roses speak of the need to be loved and cherished. Thirteen roses are from a secret admirer.
Twenty-four roses stand for the twenty-four hours of the day that he is
thinking of her.

Three dozen roses show a great romantic attachment. Fifty roses signify a love that has ripened
well and never regretted. A hundred roses signify a happy union of two loving
souls till death.

Traditional meaning of a rose color

  • · Red – Love, beauty, courage, respect, passion
  • · Red (Single) – I love you
  • · Dark Red – Unconscious beauty
  • · Deep Burgundy – Unconscious beauty
  • · White – Bridal, happy love
  • · Pink – Appreciation, thank you
  • · Dark Pink – Appreciation, thank you
  • · Light Pink – Admiration, sympathy, joy
  • · Yellow – Joy, friendship, remember me
  • · Orange – Desire, enthusiasm
  • · Red and White (together) – Unity
  • · Red and Yellow – Joy, happy
  • · Peach– Appreciation, gratitude
  • · Pale Peach – Modesty
  • · Coral – Desire
  • · Lavender – Love, enchantment
  • · Black – Death, farewell
  • · Blue – The impossible
  • · Red Rosebud – Purity

Flowers by Anniversary

  • 1st Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Pansy
  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Cosmos
  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Fuchsia
  • 4th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Geranium
  • 5th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Daisy
  • 6th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Calla Lily
  • 7th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Jack-in-the-Pulpit
  • 8th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Clematis
  • 9th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Poppy
  • 10th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Daffodil
  • 11th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Morning Glory
  • 12th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Peony
  • 13th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Hollyhock
  • 14th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Dahlia
  • 15th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Rose
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Day Lily
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Iris
  • 28th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Orchid
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Sweet Pea
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Nasturtium
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Violet

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