Chocolate Christmas Trees for a Christmas Party

by AEA on January 8, 2010

Christmas Party – Editable Decorations or Party Favors

   Chocolate Christmas trees are quick and easy to make. Here are some simple instructions on how to create your own:

1. You will need:christmas tree decoration

  • White Chocolate (Wilton White Chocolate Melts work well)
  • Star Cookie Cutters (varying in size)
  • Green Food Coloring (oil based)
  • Cookie Sheet

2. Melt your Chocolate using a microwave or mini crock pot. Mini crock pots work well, just make sure the crock pot is set on low and you stir the chocolate every ten minutes or so. If you are using a microwave, heat the chocolate for 30 seconds and then stir. Repeat until all your chocolate in fully melted. Be careful not to let your chocolate get too hot, or it will become lumpy and unusable. You also need to be careful not to let any water near your chocolate; this will make your chocolate thicker and unusable.

3. Color your white chocolate, using an oil based food coloring (not water based). Try not to use too much coloring or your chocolate will start to become thicker and hard to work with.

4. Place your stars on a cookie sheet and fill them with the chocolate. Then tap your cookie sheet on the counter, this will help release any air bubbles and to flatten the top of your stars.

5. Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.

6. Release your chocolate from the cookie cutters. Gently flex the sides of your cookie cutters back and forth until your star becomes loose and then you can slowly push it out.

7. Stack up your stars, using a little bit of your green chocolate to hold them together. Then drizzle a little bit of white chocolate over your tree, to look like snow. Then add a star at the top if you want.

Storing Chocolate Trees:

Chocolate has a fairly long shelf life, you could make your trees a few months in advance and keep them at room temperature and they’d be fine. You should avoid sticking them in the freezer or you will ruin the look of your chocolate. The refrigerator is ok, just be careful to wrap them up good and place in an air tight container to avoid any moisture getting to them. You can even place a towel around your container to be extra safe.

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