Recipe Showers – Great Bridal Shower Ideas

by AEA on January 2, 2010

Recipe Bridal Showers

recipe bridal shower ideasRecipe showers are great for a bride to be! You and your guests can help create a special cookbook for her to cherish for years to come. This will also help her get started with all their new kitchen gifts. If you want to turn the shower into a pot luck, have each of your guests bring their favorite recipe along with the actual dish. Too make sure that there is a variety of dishes, you can assign your guests a type of food (ex. side dishes, deserts, salads, etc.). If you plan on having a main course, that should be left up to you, since it is the most expensive and time consuming. If you want to prepare all the food yourself, just have your guests provide their favorite recipes.

 Send out your invitations a few weeks in advance. In your invitations let your guests know what you are up to. Depending on the recipe book that you want to create, you can have your guests bring their recipes or can have recipes sent to you before the party. If you have the recipes sent to you before the party, you can type them all up so they match and are easily readable. Some people would prefer the personal touch of hand written recipes and some would rather them typed. If you want them hand written, send out recipe cards with your invitations, so all your recipe cards match. Fill free to send out more than one card; some of your guests wouldn’t mind writing down more than one recipe. If you would prefer having the recipes sent to you before hand, just provide an email and home address. Also include a date in witch you would like them back by, so you give yourself enough time to pull it all together.

Invitation Wording:
Come to a Recipe Shower For Kara Davis!
on May 22 @ 1:30
at 132 Hemlock Dr.

We will put together a cookbook for Kara,
full of her family and friend’s favorite recipes.
I would love to get a recipe or two from you.
Please send them before May 15 to
709 Harmer St. or by email to

Thanks for your contribution!
R.S.V.P. to 858-6858

  There is no need for a lot of decorations, maybe some flowers and a nice centerpiece. If you are looking to base your shower all around the art of cooking and fun kitchen stuff, have someone from pampered chef (or someone that knows a lot about cooking) come teach a few cooking tips to your guests. With a Pampered Chef consultant the guests can put money in a pot and let the guest of honor pick out some kitchen supplies from a Pampered Chef catalog (instead of bringing gifts). If you find someone from Pampered Chef, they typically will cook a small dish in front of everyone to help demonstrate different cooking techniques.

  If your guests are up to sharing some tips and advice on cooking, leave a few empty sheet of paper open in the cookbook. Here your guests can take turns writing a small note of advice or thoughts to the guest of honor. Start by adding a few to give your guests some ideas. These could be practical or something to just give her a small laugh. Example: If you enjoy sweeter corn, add a teaspoon of sugar to your pot when the water is boiling. Or a kitchen full of smoke is not a good sign (ok, sorry if my sense of humor lacks, but some of your guests are sure to come up with some good ones).

Have Fun!

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