Hawaii Honeymoons, Kauai or Maui

by AEA on June 23, 2010

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Two favorite honeymoon islands in Hawaii are Kauai and Maui. Of course all the islands have plenty to offer, but these two seem to provide that extra special honeymoon. The question is which one?

The State of Hawaii is made up of a total of six major islands – Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu. Hawaii can be found in the south part of the Pacific Ocean and have been changed by various volcanic eruptions over the centuries. With its lush landscape characterized by waterfalls and sandy beaches, Hawaii has become a popular vacation destination.

Each one of the islands has its own character and offers a set of unique attractions and sights to any visitor. The Garden Isle, otherwise known as Kauai is home to the impressive Waimea Canyon, which is second only to the mighty Grand Canyon. Oahu is the most densely populated of the six and is where you will find the
sate capital of Honolulu nd the infamous Waikiki Beach hat is a virtual tropical playground. And Maui sometimes referred to as the “Valley Isle” and is home to towns like Lahaina and Kahului and the beautiful Iao Needle. Molokai and Lanai, though small, are just as richly graced with attractions – the Ka Hula Piko Festival, the
Molokai Mule Ride, the Garden of the Gods and the Munro Trail.

The individual islands do however share a few similar characteristics. They are all adorned with numerous stylish resorts and hotels and they are all major snorkeling, hiking, SCUBA diving and relaxation hubs. All the islands also have a firm grasp on their past, with a number of revered historical locations that provide a us a glimpse into the past when the island was ruled by mighty kings and then later ruled by large plantation companies.

Kauai, The Garden Isle

kauai honeymoon
The beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii is also known as the Garden Isle due to its lush foliage and dramatic scenery. Hawaii has long been a popular holiday destination due to the warm welcome extended to its visitors, the tropical climate, beautiful environment, great beaches and water sports. Kauai Island is no exception and the island has all the elements to qualify as a tropical paradise with its sheer cliffs, mountains, sunny beaches, tropical rainforests, lush foliage, stunning scenery, exquisite sunsets and sparkling waterfalls. No wonder that many couples choose Kauai for their honeymoon.

This piece of paradise is located on the far northwest corner of the group of islands where it gets the most rain. Many would say that Kauai’s only downfall is the
rain but without it the island would not be the green and luxuriant garden that it is.

aauai honeymoon hiking
The remote location has kept the isle independent and less developed than the other islands. It is quiet and is certainly not known for its nightlife. The island inhabitants are very keen on conservation and eco-tourism which has helped to keep this little slice of heaven virtually unspoilt. Buildings may not exceed the height of a coconut tree; this rule means that Kauai’s tree line is unbroken by unsightly structures. With all its natural advantages Hawaii’s Kauai has managed to grab the attention of Hollywood and been cast as the setting for scenes from many blockbuster films: Jurassic Park, South Pacific and Raiders of the Lost Ark to name but a few. Much of the island is an impenetrable wilderness so this is an ideal location to appreciate nature in the raw.

Kauai is definitely a place for those with a sense of adventure and a love of nature. It is a hiker’s paradise with well-maintained trails through tropical
rainforests and lush valleys. The ocean can be enjoyed by those into surfing, kauai honeymoon sunset scuba diving, snorkeling or boogie boarding. However, the seas can get rough and not all of the beaches are safe for swimming. However if the seas are a bit choppy, how about exploring Kauai’s
peaceful rivers and hidden waterfalls by kayak? Kauai is home to world-class championship golf courses created by top designers such as Robert Trent Junior. The courses have been designed to make the most of the spectacular setting so golfers should try not to be distracted from their shot by stunning ocean views. Or if you have had enough of rushing around, then this is the perfect island for just relaxing on a beach or in a tropical garden somewhere and soaking up the scenery.

Maui, the Valley Isle

maui honeymoon
A Maui Honeymoon will be an experience that will not be easily forgotten and it is the perfect place for the magic between two people to start. What
better place on earth will you find romantic sunsets and moonlit beaches to take starry-eyed walks on hand-in-hand? And at such a special time in your life, where else will you find postcard- perfect settings with cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests and hillsides dappled in tropical flowers.

Underwater SCUBA adventures, hiking to the centre of a dormant volcano crater, wadding amongst the Seven Sacred Pools, romantic dinners in affluent resorts and restaurants – these are just some of the memories that await honeymooners to Maui.

Second only to Waikiki, Maui is Hawaii’s most favored and frequented destination. Regarded as “cool and hip” it is easy to understand why more and more young couples are choosing this island as their honeymoon destination or setting for their wedding. So besides the obvious luxuriant
maui honeymoon resort
natural settings, what else pulls new couples to Maui? Well for starters the sunny and warm climate has fostered an easy going, relaxing and friendly atmosphere that challenges anyone no to put a smile on their face. However, underneath this sereneness there is an undertow of contagious energy that inspires and motivates people to do things they would never have normally seen themselves doing such as paddling the Pacific in a Kayak, learning to parasail or pulling in a marlin.

If your idea of a honeymoon is room service, grandeur, and the good life then have no fear. The island’s resorts and restaurant chefs are among the best in the US and these up and coming youngsters are redefining cuisine through festivals such as: the Kapalua Wine and Food Symposium, the Onion Festival in Kaanapali and the Kihei Food and Wine Mater Festival. Visit the Tedeschi Vineyards for a culture injection.

maui honeymoon beach
If you want the best then we recommend booking in at the Four Seasons near Wailea, which has had the privilege of being listed in Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List. Adorned in fountains, pools and enticing views of the Pacific Ocean this hotel was crafted to look like a Hawaiian palace. And a palace it is – with staff tending to your every need, and a quality of food that is almost unmatched. For possibly a more intimate and cheaper experience then why not consider a quaint little bed and breakfast?

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