Who am I

by AEA on April 2, 2010

A Guessing Game
adult office game

Age: 13 +


  • Safety Pins
  • Note Cards
  • Pencil

Players: 6 +

How to Play: Write down different famous people on note cards and put them on the back of your guests, without them seeing what is on the card. Then they can go around and get one word hints on to who is on their back. After someone gives them a hint they write their initials on their card. Each player can only get one hint from each player. Once a player thinks they know who their person is, they can have the host check for them. If they are right, their note card is collected by the host and their name is put on the card. If they are wrong the host puts their initials on their card. After the host has collected all the note cards, the person with the least amount of initials wins.

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