The Missing Treasure

by admin on March 15, 2010

A Quiet and Unique Game for all Ages
fun party game

Age: 2 +


  • Bowl
  • Rice
  • dimes (or other small objects)

Players: 2 +

How to Play: Fill a large bowl half way full of rice and then mix in a small handful of dimes. Have your guests take turns searching for the dimes while blindfolded. Give them each one minute to see who is able to find the most treasure.

For younger players: Leave off the blindfold and let them count how many they pull out.

For older players: You can add a few different types of items in with the rice, instructing the players to only pull out certain objects. For example, you can put in different coins and tell them only to get out the nickels. Then they get a point for every nickel found, but have to subtract a point for every non-nickel they pulled out.

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