Holiday Gift Exchange Game

by AEA on April 15, 2010

holiday gift exchange

Age: 5 +


  • Stickers

Players: 8 +

How to Play: Have all your guests bring a gift to your party. Put a $15 limit (or how much you think is appropriate) on the gift. The gifts could be a movie, lottery tickets, candy, or whatever. All the gifts are gathered in a certain area and counted after everyone has arrived. For every present write down a number on a small piece of paper and put them individually in a bowl. Everyone that brought a gift can pick out a number. The person with number 1 goes first. They pick out a gift and open it in front of everyone. Then number 2 goes; they can either take the present that was opened or open a new one. This continues until all the presents have been opened. A present can only be taken three times, so as it gets stolen a sticker needs to be put on it in order to keep track of how many times it was taken. If someone takes your gift you can open another one or take someone else’s gift.

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