How to make Balloon Arrangements and Bouquets

by AEA on March 1, 2010

Balloon Bouquets
unique balloon bouquet

Balloon bouquets typically refer to a group of balloons tied together. They can range in size, color and style. Most people will order there balloons from a local party store, but you can create your own balloon bouquets at home with a helium tank. You can buy helium tanks at Wal-Mart or most party stores for around $20. This usually includes the balloons and streamers.

Normal helium filled balloons start to fall 7 to 15 hours after they are filled, so you will need to start your bouquet a few hours before the party or use a product called hi-float to extend the life of your balloons. Hi-float will make your balloons last at least a few days. You can find hi-float at some party stores (and at starting around $12 a bottle (a pint sized bottle).

It is a lot of fun to create your own bouquets and add your own touches. Here are a few ideas to help vary in the designs of balloon bouquets.

balloon inside balloon
-To add a more elegant look to your bouquets use ribbon instead of streamers.

-Add another balloon or confetti inside your balloon.

-Instead of using a weight for your bouquets, tie all the balloons together, creating a flower look and let them float above your table. You can let streamer hang down from the balloons for added decoration. You could also use air filled balloons and hang them from the ceiling.

-Add long skinny balloons for a different look.

-Combine a mylar (or foil) balloon in with the mix.

-Find or create you own weight for your bouquet to go with your theme, event and color scheme.

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